Link exchange should be mutually beneficial to both parties. We have far too often encountered situations in which webmasters requesting link exchange have a site not meeting our link exchange requirement or have not followed proper link exchange etiquette, thereby costing us considerable wasted time and effort. We have therefore established this link exchange policy to specify what kind of Web site will be accepted.

Link Exchange Policy

  • Our link must be added to your site first
  • The page containing our link( not the home page ) must have a Google Page Rank of at least 2 (for construction, home improvement sites), Or to be accepted with lower PR, your site must be highly relevant to our website i. e granite, stone, ceramic tile.Your website must be of value to our customers and we will not exchange links with sites created just for link building. If you do not know why is that, ask the search engine :)
  • We will consider exchange with PR0 site (your home page only) related to stone fabrication or ceramic tile installation.
  • IMPORTANT:The link/resources page must be indexed and recently cached by all major search engines especially by google, and consisting total of no more than 15 outgoing links. Obviously if your link page does not get spidered ( cached) often, the value of that page and any link on it is going to be very low.Most of the time it hapen when you do not link to your link page from the home page. Some people do not link to their link page at all,in this case do not expect to get any back links.  
  • The link should be in a visible, logical and accessible location: It should be easy to find a link to the "link" / "resource section" from the homepage (without having to use a magnifying glass) and easy to navigate through any subdirectories to the link, it should be located no more than 2 (two) clicks from the home page.
  • We will not link to any site that puts links in a java script code, or runs links through a cgi script, with the effect of making the links invisible to search engine spiders
  • We must be linked on the same site as the one you are requesting us to link to, unless you are opting for 3-way link exchange.In that case, we still expect same quality.
  • Your link will be removed if we cannot find our link on your site
  • Sites not related to home or construction will not be added unless your site can provide high PR link( PR4 and up)
  • We will not link to any site that tries to hide its links page.

  • Links with  rel="nofollow" attributes will not be accepted.

Any submission that does not meet all the above requirements will be disregarded without notification.

Thank you for considering a link exchange with our site.



Our Rights:

  • We reserve the right to deny your link, especially if your web site does not meet the criteria or in the future disobey's our link quality requirements in which case your link maybe terminated.
  • We may at any time revise our link exchange policy. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the current version of the policy.

If you have any comments, questions or requests please contact us.





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