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Kitchen and bathroom tile installations and remodeling tips

Glazed Ceramic Tile is comprised of two basic elements, clay and water. Baked at extreme temperatures, ceramic tile is a product that comes from the most traditional and efficient of production methods -kiln firing.


Glazed ceramic tile is an ideal material for tub and shower walls.

It is especially useful in kitchens and bathrooms because it is water-resistant and easy to clean and extremely durable.

This is simply amazing since ceramic tile is made from 100% natural ingredients, EARTH.

Ceramic tile is characterized by its easiness to clean, its ability to be kept from dirt and any type of corruption and there are many reasons why ceramic tile is the best choice for your flooring needs.

Ceramic tile is superior to linoleum and with proper installation will be very durable. With that in mind, in general, ceramic tile is not a resilient material, and care should be taken to avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects on its surface, it is more susceptible to breaking before installation than after.

Keep in mind that all ceramic tile is not created equal. They come in different grades, from residential use to commercial ones, varying in thickens, durability and weather stability and installation procedures are much different from stone or glass tile installation. Check out the glass tile installation tips for bath and kichen at

Porcelain tile is a clay based material that is very durable and can exceed the physical properties of granite at the same time it is a practical, long wearing, stylish choice. If you decide to use granite countertops Atlanta let us know we can take care of granite fabrication and installation for you.

Ceramic and porcelain tile are the easiest types of floors to clean and if you take care of them, they will maintain their shiny, new appearance for years to come.

Given all that, who knows, maybe ceramic tile is for you.

Ready to do it your self? check out our  Ceramic tile installation and care section

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