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Creating a deck or patio is a great way to enhance the value of your home. Made of slate brick or porcelain provides an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. What if you don't have one? No problem we are here to show you how it's done 


I've spoken to dozens of people and so many of them have told me that their backyard, or deck or patio is the most important part of their house.

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Laying a patio is a fairly large project so it's important to plan well. The foundation for your patio is the most important factor and one that will make your patio landscaping a place for your whole family to enjoy The first step would be to excavate at least 6" and then compact the subsoil. And If your three-season or four-season patio room will be attached to your house wall, as most are, make sure the patio is stabilized.
When a patio is out of date, what do you do? You call us of course. Nothing will make you feel better than redoing that old falling apart cracked, used to be patio. Your family and friends will appreciate it and exploring outdoors will make new sense to you..

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Stone does not easily warp or crack when exposed to damaging elements such as rain, dust, termites or other insects unlike in wood patios. If you're looking for a long-lasting patio design, natural stone is the answer.

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Here at AGTile we can assist you in setting any stone that you select.

We also offer granite countertops in Atlanta Georgia.

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